What They're Saying


CAT + EUGENE (2017)

"He was able to shift the dance party from tender and emotional, to crazy dance party, to nostalgic blast, to tender slow dances all without missing a beat.

He was so good that we had several, and I mean several friends tell us how amazing the music and DJ were." 


"Our dance floor was completely packed the entire night, and there were moments where his transitions made me forget we were at a wedding and instead made me think we were at a private concert for a star DJ (in the best way possible). We really couldn’t recommend him highly enough!"

KAVITA + TODD (2017)

"Topher was our DJ for our wedding day and we absolutely loved him! He went above and beyond. The music was great and everyone had such a great time at our reception. I would use him again any day!!"

Staci & Jose - 2017

Staci & Jose - 2017

JOSE + STACI (2017)

"They did an amazing job at our party! We had a few song selections picked but, left the majority of the songs and style up to him. He did all the announcements for us, played all the songs we wanted and got everyone dancing and having a good time! I love that he spins vinyl too and brings some lighting to really liven up the place!"