Cocktails First! - Maayan & Andy at Monday Night Brewing

You’re heading to your friend’s wedding. It’s in an area of town you’re not familiar with. Actually, you’re from out of town (and every street in Atlanta is called “Peachtree!”). You’re running a little late and starting to feel stressed. Why? You’re not even in the wedding. But what will they think of you? You can’t walk in during the ceremony!

You find the venue and park. You hear conversation, laughter, and music. Did you get the start time wrong and the ceremony is over?? As you walk up, a wave of relief comes over you as you realize it’s Cocktails First! The bride and groom are hanging out with everyone, having drinks, enjoying appetizers from a food truck, and just savoring the lovely Spring evening…before even walking down the aisle. You realize this is a different kind of wedding, and it's going to be an awesome night.

Check out these amazing photos from Our Labor of Love and a few iPhone clips the DJ snagged.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.37.21 PM.png

Venue: Monday Night Brewing | Food: Good Food Truck, Ibiza Bites | Photography: Our Labor Of Love | Planning & Decor: Harts & Petals